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Kids Helpline regularly produces research and reports on topical issues. For further information, contact Communications on the details below:

Communications email

Cyberbullying Article - Youth Studies Australia, Volume 29, Number 2, 2010 PDF 1,680KB

This artice summaries the key findings of our online research project into cyberbullying. It is reproduced with the permission of the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies).

Cyberbullying Research Report Regarding Young Australians - 2009 PDF 1,680KB

This report summarises the key findings of an online research project undertaken in 2009 among 548 young Australians who had experienced cyberbullying.

Satisfaction & Efficacy Report 2008 PDF 1,061KB

Understanding Client Satisfaction and the Service's Efficacy in Increasing a Young Person's Ability to Cope

Submission - Inquiry into bullying of children and young people PDF 249KB

Responds to four of the seven Terms of Reference for the Inquiry into bullying of children and young people. Provides an analysis of the 16,750 contacts received by Kids Helpline about bullying since 2004.

Regional and rural young people PDF 90KB

An overview of the challenges that young people living outside of capital cities and other major urban populations centres encounter, including:

  • access to suitable and appropriate health and welfare services education and training
  • paid employment
  • economic stability
  • recreational opportunities