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Key Messages:

Bullying is not okay, and never something that you deserve - you should be able to feel safe wherever you are.

Don't keep it secret, if you are being bullied talk to someone you trust.

Classroom preparation activities:

  • Class discussion using stories, movies, tv shows:
    Generate class discussion about bullying based on a story, movie or tv show that portrays bullying (eg. Harry Potter; new Karate Kid movie). Discussion questions may include: what were some of the bullying behaviours that you saw?; how do you think bullying made 'Harry Potter'/the Karate Kid' feel?: what helped them deal with the bullying?
  • Draw and share:
    Create/draw an anti-bullying superhero - either each student makes their own, or the class do it as a joint activity (and students are assigned to different parts of the hero - the cloak, the mask, the boots, the belt. Each part of the superhero should represent some positive coping strategy for responding to bullying (eg. super fast shoes to run away; belt with special tool that makes everyone laugh and forget about bullying; a shield for protection etc).
  • Create a symbol:
    Anti-bullying tree: cut out leaf shapes and a large tree from paper. On the leaves, get children to write suggestions about how to help someone who is being bullied. Pin leaves on the tree to create the sense that 'Together we can stop bullying!'

    'Stick together against bullying' tower: Ask each child in the school to bring in a cardboard carton. Get children to paint cartons and write anti-bullying slogans on them, and then glue them all together to create a huge 'tower' sculpture.
  • Group activity:
    Using the Anti-bullying superhero, identify the qualities the superhero would have to fight against bullying, and then each group create a story where the superhero uses that quality to help a child being bullied.

Sample Questions:

Examples of questions students may want to ask the Kids Helpline Counsellor:

  • Who should I talk to if I want help with stopping bullying?
  • What should I do if I see someone else being bullied?
  • What should I do if I am being bullied?
  • What does it feel like to be bullied?