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Being Scared

being scaredEveryone is scared sometimes. Even the biggest, bravest person in the world will have something that frightens them (maybe even something tiny, like cockroaches!). Being scared isn't all bad, it can be fun (like being scared on a roller coaster or watching a scary movie) and it can keep us safe (for example, being scared of getting burnt could make us keep a safe distance from a fire).

Everybody is different and can be scared of different things, like:

  • perhaps you are afraid of standing up in front of the class and speaking, but your friend thinks it's fun
  • maybe your sister is frightened of thunderstorms but you find them exciting

What about you? What things are you scared of?

How we handle being scared is the important thing. While being scared is pretty normal, sometimes it can start running our life and stop us doing the things we might want to do, or make us worry when there really isn't any reason to be scared. What do you do when you are scared? Does being scared of something stop you doing the things you would like to do?

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