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Brothers and Sisters

Having brothers and sisters can be great fun but it can also be difficult every now and then.

What can be great?

There are some wonderful things about having a brother or sister. Having them around can mean that:

  • there is usually someone to play with
  • there is someone else to share the jobs around the house with
  • you get 'hand me downs'...hmmm that may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether your brother or sister has cool stuff!
  • there is another kid to share family memories with and laugh about things that have happened - like the time the cat vomited in the hall just as Grandma was arriving for a visit!
  • you get to practice things that can be useful when you are away from home, like taking turns and cooperating
  • because you spend so much time with your brothers and sisters you usually get to know them really well and they get to know you, so you understand one another
  • if mum and dad are fighting, or bad stuff happens in your family, you have someone to talk to about it who knows exactly what's going on too

Can you think of other reasons that having brothers and sisters around can be fun?

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