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changesThis time of year is often one of new beginnings. For some people, one thing ending and something else beginning is an exciting adventure. For others it feels a bit more scary than exciting!

Some of the changes that kids talk to us about here at Kids Helpline are:

  • Family changes
  • Moving house
  • Body changes

But the one thing we hear most about is changes at school. It might be that you are:

  • Starting school for the first time
  • Going to a new school
  • Changing to a new class

All those changes could have great things about them, or things that you aren't too sure about. You might even feel excited AND scared at the same time!

When change happens, you can often feel tired and get a bit grumpy, even if the change is an exciting one. Some kids find that their tummy feels funny or they feel a bit teary when they worry about the changes. So it's important that you think about ways to help yourself so that the change is as smooth as possible.

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