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christmasMany kids get excited about Christmas as it gets closer each year. They look forward to lots of things, like spending time with family, getting lots of presents or going on a holiday.

For some kids though, Christmas can also be a tough time. Being with family during the holidays or getting together on Christmas Day can have unhappy moments.

Some of the things kids call Kids Helpline about at Christmas time are:

  • Parents fighting about not having enough money for extra Christmas stuff
  • Not knowing which parent to spend Christmas Day with if their parents don't live in the same house anymore
  • Being left at home during school holidays as their parents are working
  • Being looked after by people they don't know well or like much
  • Family fights on Christmas Day
  • Not getting any presents or not getting the presents they wanted
  • Having a family that doesn't celebrate Christmas because celebrations are different in their families' culture or religion

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