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Communication skills

Quark, bark, squeak, talk

All animals (including us humans) communicate with each other in some way. For example using:

  • voice - humans talk, dogs bark, cats miaow and whales sing songs to each other
  • body language - to tell others what they have found, how they are feeling or if there is danger. Bees dance when they have found nectar, gorillas stick out their tongues to show they are angry and kangaroos thump their tails to warn their mob of danger
  • smell to communicate what's happening - does your dog wee on posts and trees when you take him for a walk? He is leaving a message to other dogs that says "I've been here!"

communication skillsBeing able to communicate what you are thinking and feeling is an important skill that develops as we get older. When you were a tiny baby you could probably only cry to let someone know that you were hungry or that you had a dirty nappy. Now that you are older there are lots of ways that you can communicate to tell people what you need, how you are feeling, or just for fun!

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