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Communication skills

Electronic Communication

These days, lots of communication happens over the internet or via text messages. Sometimes this seems easy, but actually it can be more difficult because we don't have body language or tone of voice to help us tell our story. This means when we send messages or emails we need to think more about whether our message is saying exactly what we want it to say.

Using emoticons can help you say what you want to say when words are not enough or if you just want to have fun with your message. Emoticons are the little symbols in a message that show a facial expression. They use symbols from your keyboard and may look like :) (for a smiley face) or :( (for a frown). If you have a mobile phone it might have symbols ready to insert into your message. Do you use emoticons when you send messages? Do they help you get your message across?

Sign Language

Have you ever seen people signing with their hands? It is a wonderful thing to see! Sign language is a way people can talk using the signs that their fingers make and also their facial expressions.

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