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Family Relationships

Good things about families

There are some great things about being part of a family like:

  • Being with people who love you
  • Getting help when you have a problem
  • Having people and a place to belong to
  • Having sisters, brothers or cousins to play with
  • Having older family members teach you about your family, extended family and where you came from
  • Helping you learn and practice skills we need to get on in the world - like sharing and cooperating with other people
  • People to celebrate with - birthdays and holidays like Christmas, Chinese New Year or Hanukah

Can you think of some other things that make being part of a family great? What are your favourite things about being part of your family?

Some tricky things about families

There can be some difficult things about being in a family too. Sometimes:

  • Family members fight and argue and say mean things to each other
  • Parents, carers or other family members don't take good care of each other
  • Parents or carers can be really busy and don't have much time to spend with their children
  • Families go through tough times, such as not having enough money to buy food and other stuff

Can you think of other things that might make being part of a family tricky sometimes?

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