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Family Separation

Sometimes in families, mum and dad can't find a way to get along any more and they decide to separate. For some kids this can come as a big surprise because they didn't know how bad things were. For other kids it might be a bit of a relief because it can be hard to live in a house where parents are fighting.

For most kids though, when their parents separate, they feel sad, worried about how things will change, and often very angry. They also usually have lots of questions like:

  • Who will I live with?
  • Do I have to choose?
  • Do I have to move?
  • Where will dad (or mum) live if they don't live with us?
  • Will I still get to see my friends?
  • Will I still get to see grandma?
  • What about the dog? Where will he live?
  • Will I stay at my school?
  • Does this happen to other kids?

If this has happened to you, try to remember that your parents have left each other but they haven't left you. So even if they don't live in the same house as you now, and you don't see them as much as you used to, they are still your parents and you can still have fun with them and talk about the things that you need to with them.

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