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Some not so good things about fads and fashions

  • It can be tough if you REALLY want to have something that everyone else has, but your family can't afford it (or maybe they just don't think its okay for you to be involved in that kind of activity)
  • Collecting things can be really expensive - did you know that it would actually cost you thousands of dollars if you tried to buy the entire beanie babies collection?
  • Obsessions - sometimes fads can occupy your time and energy so much that you don't have time for anything else. Have you ever had a friend spend so much time on the latest fad that they didn't have enough time for you anymore?
  • Competition over fads can hurt friendships. Some people let the latest fad become so important to them that they might say hurtful things to their friends. Kids who don't have the latest toy/fashion/fad can feel excluded. Can you imagine what it would be like to feel left out of the group because you couldn't have the latest fad or fashion?
  • There is a danger that you won't be thinking for yourself but just following the crowd. Following a fad is okay as long as it is truly something that you choose to do for yourself, and something you enjoy or get pleasure from

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