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Feeling Nervous

Sleeping well

When it's bed time, try to make time to slow down. If you are practising your part or learning your spellings just before you go to bed it can be harder to switch your mind off and settle down. Maybe read a story before you try to go to sleep or ask someone to read to you for a change. This will help relax your mind.

Some kids also find listening to calming music or trying to take longer, slower breaths helps them to relax and go to sleep.


It sounds pretty silly to say ‘remember to breathe’ but sometimes when we get scared or nervous we breathe in a funny way - usually quickly and taking little breaths. Breathing like that can make us feel even MORE nervous than we already do! So it's important to stop, notice how you are breathing and try to take some long, slow, deep breaths... you might be surprised at how much it helps to calm you down!

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