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Fights with Friends

Most children want to have friends and to be a friend. Friends are fun to be around and there is a lot to be learned from having a friendship, such as:

  • how to share
  • how to get on with others
  • how to be kind
  • how to be a leader and a follower
  • what it means to give and take

fights with friendsBut having a friend is not always just about playing together and having fun, sometimes friends have arguments and fight. The truth is that even the best friends in the world will sometimes run into bumpy times and will have a fight. These fights might just be for a little while and then you figure out how to sort things out, but sometimes fights between friends are so bad that they decide not to be friends any more.

It's not so much whether you have had a fight that matters; it is what you do about it that really counts.

Feelings about fights

Having a fight with a friend, especially a really good friend, can feel awful. Usually, people feel a whole mixture of feelings all jumbled up together. They might feel:

  • sad
  • angry
  • hurt
  • misunderstood
  • frustrated, or
  • confused

What about you? When you have a fight with a friend how do you feel? What do you do with all those feelings?

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