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Having a party or going to a party can be lots of fun. Parties can also cause people to feel worried or anxious. What sort of party should I have? Who should I invite? What if I don't get invited? It can be helpful to think about some of these things.

Planning a party

There is a lot to think about when you are planning a party. Some helpful things that kids have told us are:

  • The number of friends you can invite may depend on where you hold your party - if the party is at your home you will probably have to invite fewer friends than if you are having a party at your local park
  • How much space you have will also affect what you can do at the party, for example if you want to watch movies then a lounge room may be big enough, but if you want to play lots of indoor and outdoor games then you will need a bigger space - perhaps the backyard or at a park
  • If you live a long way from school, it might be a good idea to find a park or another venue close to your school for your party, as this will make it easier for all your friends to be there
  • It can help to have indoor and outdoor activities. If you have a sleep over party, it might start in the afternoon - so you can go to the park in the daylight, and then come home, have some food and watch movies
  • For some kinds of parties (like a big party at the park) you may not mind having your brothers and sisters joining in, but sometimes you might want a party with just your friends (like a sleepover). Talk to your parents or guardians about what you want
  • Think about what you would like to do at your party and plan it beforehand so that on the day you have everything you need

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