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Respectful Relationships

Types of relationships

family fightsSome relationships are close - you might spend lots of time with a person and enjoy being with them. Or even if you don't see the person very often, when you DO see them you love being with them (maybe like a grandma who lives far away).

Some relationships are not so close - you might not see the person very often or maybe you see the person a lot but just very briefly (for example, the person at the corner shop). Or you don't particularly like them (for example, not everyone in your class will be someone you want to be friends with).

Some relationships can be somewhere in between close and not close as well! This might be other kids you play sport with or go to clubs like Scouts with, you might like them but you aren't really good friends with them.

Whether a relationship is close, not so close, or somewhere in the middle, you can still have a respectful relationship by treating the other person as you would like to be treated.

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