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Sleep...seems like a boring subject, huh? But actually it's really interesting! Most animals and birds have to sleep - some at night and some during the day! For example:

  • dugongs - sleep underwater and just come up every now and then for a breath
  • bats - sleep upside down in a cave
  • birds - sleep in trees - some even sleep while they are flying!
  • horses - sleep standing up
  • sea otters - can float in the water on their backs while they have a snooze
  • chimpanzees - make themselves cosy while nesting in a tree when they are ready for bed

Why do we need to sleep?

sleepJust like a car that needs petrol to keep on driving, our bodies need sleep to gather up the energy we need for the next busy day. Where do you like to sleep? Do you have a bed time routine, or do you fall asleep on the couch watching TV? Do you sleep in a room by yourself or do you share it with others?

Your body and your brain need sleep to help them grow, heal and develop. That's why babies (who are growing and developing really fast) spend so much time sleeping.

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