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When Big Things Happen - Natural Disasters

when big things happenA ‘natural disaster’ is something big and unexpected that is caused by nature - like the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria and the fires in Western Australia. Natural disasters like these can be very scary and confusing. They can make people change the way they think and feel about things and how they act towards others.

For some kids, what happened may have been REALLY BIG - perhaps they lost their home and all their toys, or someone they loved died or is still missing. But, you don't have to have something like that happen for you to be affected by what's going on. You may be feeling worried even if the natural disaster didn't come quite so close to you. Perhaps:

  • houses near you were flooded, but your house was alright
  • you were evacuated from your home before anything bad happened
  • you saw it all on TV and now you are worried that it will happen to you too
  • you're feeling sad about what you have seen happen to others

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