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My BFF told me it could help (11 year old girl)

I was worried the first time I called Kids Helpline. My bff had told me it could help. My parents were split up and my step mum and my dad were fighting all the time. They always fought over what I did wrong even though I tried my hardest to do everything right.

my bff told me it could helpI was at my dads on the verge of tears when I used web chat counselling. That's when I met my counsellor.

I've only been using it for about two weeks but already it has made me feel so much better about everything. They helped me realise that they are just having troubles in their relationship. The only fights I was hearing were about me.

I don't feel so bad about going to dad's as much now. I am still calling but it is helping so much. THANKS KIDS HELPLINE!!!!!

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