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Mum and dad had a big fight

13 year old female

mum and dad had a big fightIt all started when I was nine and my mum and dad had a big fight with the rest of my family (cousins, aunts etc..)

I never really saw any of them - the only time I did was like my birthday and Christmas. It made me really sad that I never saw them, as I used to be so close to them, especially my little cousin Zoe.

But this past year I became school captain and they were so jealous that Zoe didn't get it that they have been trying to get any piece of dirt on me since. I was on Facebook one night and was getting bullied by this guy, and me and my friend retaliated and there was a big fight on my profile picture.

My cousin saw it and started swearing at me and making me feel bad ... so I blocked her but never wanted to see her again. A couple of weeks ago this girl called me and my friends names, so my friend called her a B**** and so on. My cousin said it and acted like it was me who was calling her that but it was my friend. Now all my family hate me and that girl thinks I'm no good but really I didn't do anything. Now they never want to see me again.

I'm soo sad but I realised that I didn't see them anyway and since using Kids Helpline, it's helped me realise that the girl was just trying to bring me down and I don't need that in my life right now!

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